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LL.M in International Law (taught in English)

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LL.M in International Law (taught in English)

I. Introduction

China has become the third largest trading power of the world. With its stead political system and dynamic economic developments in last twenty years, no one in the world can afford to ignore China and its potentials. For those who wish to trade and invest in China and for those who wish to pursue a China related career, understanding Chinese law is essential for them to really understand China. In the present century, anyone with an international vision would have to know something about China one way or another. China factor is not only a factor in the world economy, but also a factor in social, political, and cultural arena of the world. This is also why studying China and Chinese law are important for anyone who wish to be successful in the present century.

China University of Political Science and Law (hereinafter referred to as CUPL) which is one of the best legal study institutions in China, understands the difficulties for many foreign students and legal professionals to study Chinese law in Chinese language, as well as their desire to acquire basic knowledge of Chinese law, and accordingly offers LLM and PhD programs in Chinese law to be taught in English. The programs were formally launched in September 2006 and students can join the programs twice a year in the Fall semester or Spring semester respectively. Presently, the programs are offered and managed by the Faculty of International Law, CUPL. The relevant information is set out below.

II. LLM Program (English Mode)

1. The Program

The LL.M in International Law program includes three specific research fields, i.e., Public International Law \Private International Law and International Economic Law . Students can choose the research fields according to their interests by choosing courses.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the program is to provide advanced and practical knowledge of Chinese law to students & practitioners across the world, who feel more comfortable in using English as a medium of study. To promote further, wider legal exchange and co-operation between CUPL and foreign students or practitioners is also one of the major concerns of the program.

3. Admission Requirements

The program is open only to foreign nationals. Anyone with a formal undergraduate degree as recognized by the Ministry of Education of China is welcome to apply for admission. An undergraduate degree in law is, however, an advantage.

4. Period of Study

The program is normally for two years.

5. Curriculum and Credits Awarded

The course schedule will be delivered at the beginning of every semester.

6. Dissertation and Supervision

A LL.M candidate will be assigned a supervisor during his/her study, and the supervisor is responsible for guiding the candidate’s researches and dissertations.


Ÿ (1) Application Fee: 800RMB

Payment can by cash, Union pay bank card or online payment. Any other currency or travel cheque would not be accepted. Please note that the application fee is not refundable.

Ÿ (2) Tuition Fee: 87,000RMB

The total cost for the award of the LLM is 87,000RMB, covering the minimum courses (or equivalents) for 26 credits and an LLM dissertation.

Ÿ (3) Insurance fee: 800RMB per year.

8. Checklist
NOTE: Unless ALL the listed Documents are provided before the deadline
Your application will be invalid.

Ÿ (1) Application form

Ÿ (2) Highest academic diploma (or notarized photocopy)

Ÿ (3) A copy of passport

Ÿ (4) Two letters of recommendation

Ÿ (5) Academic transcript

Ÿ (6) Language certificateTOEFL 90/IETELS 6.5

Ÿ (7) Certificate of graduation if have

9. Application for Admission

No application deadline applies for the potential candidates. In other words, the potential candidates may apply the admission during the whole year. However, the Overseas Development Office will assign the candidates into Spring Semester (normally from the end of February to middle of July) or Fall Semester (normally from the beginning of September to the beginning of January) according to the application date of each candidate. The candidates may be awarded Master degree on the condition that they obtain the required credits and satisfy the defense of the dissertation.

Inquiries and applications should be made to:

Overseas Development Office, Faculty of International Law, CUPL

Address: No. 25 Xi Tu Cheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P. R. China 100088

Fax: +86 10 58908384

Tel: +86 10 58908198


Xueyuan Lu Campus: 25 Xitucheng Lu, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100088    Changping Campus: 27 Fuxue Lu, Changping District, Beijing, China 102249

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