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Orientation Day at CUPL

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Orientation Day at CUPL

New Faces in Spring Term 2019

Each year, more than 500 international students choose to study with CUPL, keeping our university campus diverse and multicultural. This term around 30 students from over 10 countries and regions joined us and started a new life at CUPL.

An orientation meeting held by the School of International Studies on 1st March invited 30 new students, a few old students and school staff. Some students had arrived weeks before the semester started to explore Beijing, others had just moved into the dorm the night before, so the Orientation Day was exciting for everybody to get to know the other students he or she would spend their semester with.

Firstly, the dean of School of International Studies, Professor Yanjun Xin welcomed all the new students and presented a vivid briefing about our University. Then, Ms. Yidi Wang and Wenwen He did the following introduction related to the University rules and regulations, which enables students to learn more about academic manners and dormitory regulations. Besides, there’s a trend among exchange students to apply for degree programs in CUPL after the exchanging. This year, the director of International Student Office, Ms. Yanling Duan came and introduced both degree and non-degree programs in CUPL and the scholarship application issues in order to let more students know about the procedures.

This year, as a student welfare, we invited Ms. Fangfang Shangguan from Capital Normal University give a psychological lecture for new students. Ms. Shangguan listed cultural differences and problems might encounter when coming to a new environment.


With orientation information pack in our hands, new friends on our sides and the weekend ahead, we felt excited about the first week of studying and living in Beijing.

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