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Spring Tour to Cuandixia Village and Tanzhe Temple

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On 12th of April, 44 CUPL international students from Denmark, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Burma, and other 11 countries and regions visited Cuandixia Village and Tanzhe Temple in Mentougou District, the western suburbs of Beijing for Chinese language and cultural experiences.

Students visited houses built in Ming and Qing dynasties with a history of more than 400 years. They all amazed by the the unique design and structure of the ancient architecture. By using Chinese language to communicate with local people, they have learnt the history of the place from them. Moreover, the tour guide explained the meaning of the Chinese character “”(cuan) and the background knowledge about the historical origin and local customs.

After the tour to Cuandixia village, students went to Tanzhe Temple. Their Chinese language teacher, Dr. Ma Linlin gave them a brief introduction of Tanzhe Temple. Student walked along the asile and to feel the profound Buddhist culture.

Students immersed in the spring scenery and had a wonderful time. They gained in-depth understandings of Chinese culture from the trip and get the chance to communicate with local people.  (By Ashley HE, Photo/Sophia MA)

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