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Orientation Meeting for 2019 Fall Semester: Say Hi to CUPL

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On the morning of 6th September, School of International Studies held an orientation meeting for new exchange students of 2019 Fall Semester to prepare them for their life and studies in CUPL.



More than fifty students from 18 different countries and areas attended this meeting. As the vice dean of School of International Studies, Ms Xu Dan delivered a welcome speech at the start of the orientation to these newly-arrived students and introduced briefly on CUPL and our college. Subsequently, the meeting host Ms Wang Yidi and  staff Ashley He explained some important rules and regulations on academics and accommodation on campus. The orientation also gave students an opportunity to get to know each other and ask questions. Ricardo Antonio, the Mexican student of LLM in Comparative Law, was invited to the orientation to share some experience with his peers.  




After about an hour, the meeting was drawing to an end in a relaxed atmosphere. From the smiles on their faces, we can see that these young lives that came all the way to China from different places have just kicked off their new, unknown and worth-expecting life in CUPL.




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