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Student Apartment Management Regulations of the School of International Studies of CUPL

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The following dormitory regulations are stipulated, in accordance with the Interim Measures for Management of College Student Apartments in Beijing and the Student Apartment Management Measures of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), for the purpose of regulating the dormitory management of the School of International Education of CUPL and providing a safe and clean accommodation environment for international students.

I. Dormitory Management

1. International students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have completed their registration with valid certificates are arranged by the School of International Education of CUPL to live in the international student apartment in principle. Students need to fill in the “Accommodation Registration Form” and check-in with their Admission Notice and valid certificates at the approval of the School of International Education.

2. Students shall abide by the apartment management regulations, follow the arrangement of the apartment management personnel of our school, and live in the designated room. Students may not change rooms, change locks, lend or sublet the dormitory or bed to others, and accommodate others without permission.

3. Students shall keep the room key for themselves. In case of lost, please report immediately to the apartment management personnel, register and pay for a duplicate.

4. The students shall actively cooperate with the monthly dormitory security check conducted by the school apartment management personnel.

5. Graduates shall complete the check-out procedures and move out of the dormitory three days before the winter and summer holidays.

6. When checking out, students shall return their keys and electricity cards to Room A206, Student Apartment Building, and the apartment management personnel shall check the facilities and articles in the room. If there is any pollution, damage or loss of facilities or articles in the room, the apartment management personnel shall claim compensation according to the damage.

II. Access Regulation

1. Students must enter and exit the apartment within the prescribed time, 6:00-23:30.

2. If there are any special circumstances, please inform the apartment management personnel in advance.

III. Security Regulation

1. People outside of the university are prohibited from entering the apartment.

2. Smoking, shouting, drinking and fighting in the dormitory are strictly prohibited. Students may not engage in activities in violation of Chinese laws and school rules and regulations in the dormitory, such as preaching, gambling, drug taking, prostitution, whoring and other illegal activities. Students may not play obscene recordings, videos and VCD, DVD, etc.

3. It is strictly prohibited to use high-power electrical appliances in the dormitory, such as induction cookers, immersion heaters, rice cookers, electric skillets, electric cups, electric blankets, electric irons, hair dryers, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances with fire hazards. Once improper use of electrical appliances is found, our school will directly confiscate. Students may not assemble or refit the circuit at will.

4. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable, explosive, highly toxic, radioactive and/or any other dangerous items into the student apartment. Fireworks and firecrackers shall not be set off in the building or outside the window. Please observe the fire prevention regulations and guard against fires.

IV. Public Space

1. Students who live in the apartment have the obligation to maintain public facilities. It is strictly prohibited to damage the monitoring system, bathrooms, fire-fighting and other public facilities.

2. Keep the apartment quiet, and do not engage in activities that may disturb others from studying and resting in the apartment, such as dancing, shouting and playing music loudly, etc.

3. Do not stack personal items in the corridor. Do not paint or post on the corridor wall at will. No littering, and personal garbage should be taken out of the dormitory building.

4. Take good care of public property and properly use the public property of the apartment. It is forbidden to pollute, privately disassemble or modify the items. Those who damage the public property shall compensate according to the price and damage, and the vandals shall be punished according to the circumstances.

V. Dormitory Cleanliness

1. Clean the dormitory regularly to keep the air fresh and the environment pleasant. Please put the items (including floor mats, shoes, garbage cans, etc.) in the shoe cabinet or the room.

2. Keeping pets in the dormitory is strictly prohibited.

VI. Discipline and Punishment

Students who violate the above apartment management regulations shall be given corresponding warnings or disciplinary actions according to the seriousness of the circumstances and their attitude of admitting mistakes. Those who refuse to comply with the apartment management regulations or have a bad attitude towards the apartment management personnel shall be disqualified from university accommodation.

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