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Notice of National Day Holiday

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The National Day holiday of our school starts from September 29th, 2019 to October  7th, 2019. Students take Monday’s classes on September 28th,2019, and October 12th is a day-off as normal. Please pay special attention to the following points.

1. Students should safely keep your keys and self-belongings.

2. Students who live in the dormitory should comply with regulations of dormitory. Pay attention to fire prevention, do not use electric kettle, cooking machine, electromagnetic oven and other electrical appliances with fire hazards in the dormitory. Do not smoke or burn paper in the dormitory.

3. Watch out for security. When leaving the dormitory, please lock the door and window. Do not let other people stay in the dorm room, nor lend the key to others.

4. Pay attention to traffic safety. Comply with traffic laws and regulations, and do not drive illegally.

5. Related Numbers:

Dormitory Office: 58908339

Security department: 58908103 / 58908110

Dormitory property repair center: 58908165

Electrician/Emergency power supply: 58908170  

6. Shower card & Student card:

Self-service recharging machines are available during winter holiday.

7. School hospital:

Emergency time: 8:00 - 20:00, Emergency Number: 58908140

Wish you all a happy and safe National Day holiday.

School of International Studies

September 23, 2019

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