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Chinese Language Program 2021

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Chinese Language Program 2021

China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)

About CUPL

CUPL is well known for legal academics and also enjoys a distinguished reputation in arts, history, philosophy, economics, management, and education.

The university collaborates with 235 distinguished universities and institutions in 50 countries. Each year, hundreds of faculty and students travel abroad for international exchanges and studies. In 2012, CUPL had co-established a Confucius Institute with Bangor University, followed by two other Confucius Institutes with University of Bucharest, Romania and University of the West Indies, Barbados.

CUPL continues to develop its international reputationstriving for excellence in innovation, multiple disciplines, openness, and international reach.

Chinese Language Program

School of International Education, CUPL, offers various types of Chinese language courses and provides excellent teaching services for international students. The School organizes a series of cultural activities such as tea ceremony, Chinese cooking, Chinese paintings, Taiji, cultural visiting and sightseeing.


Elementary class, intermediate class, and advanced class

Courses (Online Courses)

Chinese Listening, Chinese Speaking, Chinese Comprehensive, Chinese Grammar, Chinese Culture, Legal Chinese, Taiji, etc.


Application fee: 400RMB

Tuition fee: 8,000 RMB/semester, 16,000RMB/year

Accommodation fee: 450RMB/semester (two students per room)

Application Time

Spring semester: October 1st to December 10th

Fall semester: March 1st to June 10th

Application Documents

Anapplication form;

One photocopy of passport;

Highest academic diploma;

Four two-inch photos;

Contact Information

Center for the International Promotion of Chinese Language

Tel: +86-10-58908339


Xueyuan Lu Campus: 25 Xitucheng Lu, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100088    Changping Campus: 27 Fuxue Lu, Changping District, Beijing, China 102249

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